Get on the Good Foot

James Brown is dead. He ain't comin' back- no acolytes, no cloak. Happy 2007.
James Brown is dead. He ain't comin' back this time- no acolytes helping him up, no cloak. Happy 2007.

We all knew it had to happen sometime. I remember seeing James in Anchorage in 2001, along with moviemaker "Whisky Pete" and assorted compatriots, and we danced when the man told us not to (it would have been an insult to James to remain seated, don't you know). With the near-overwhelming negativity loose in our world, it's up to us to honor the creative and contribute. The only response to a universal loss o' funk of this magnitude is to get up and grow some funk of your own. Check out the updated ThrowDown13 info and then jump into the fray. James would have wanted it that way.