About Bob'sShorts

Bob'sShorts is your amateur cinema call to action- a challenge to quit talking and start doing, to stop dreaming and begin. Throw off the hypnotizing trappings of modern culture and begin to create something for yourself. BS is a community of Alaskan filmmakers who work side by side, under the same deadline and length limitations, a group who challenge each other to make better films and more of them.

ThrowDowns are the moviemaking challenge events wherein moviemakers work within time and length limitations (roughly 30 days and 10 minutes maximum length), and must deliver their final product on time or suffer the mysterious & dreaded BESMIRCHMENT. Check out our public screenings and show some love for the inventive, the fascinating, the enriching and (sometimes) just incredibly stupid movies being produced. Amazement guaranteed! ThrowDowns, public screenings, and workshops are offered throughout the year- check our events page or contact our scheduling department.

Enthusiasm and perseverance are all that
is required. Experience & spendycool digital cameras and computers are nice, but great results can still be achieved with a good idea, a used camcorder and a few friends. Since our founding in 2000, over 125 BobsShorts movies have been made by dozens of Alaskans, many of them first-time Directors. Now it’s your turn.

Can you take the BobsShorts moviemaking challenge?