The BS Backstory

Jeff met Bob in Washington DC. They worked in back-to-back AVID editing suites, turning out cable docs and corporate rah-rahs while they dreamed of making movies. Jeff moved to L.A to try. Bob moved to Alaska -- again.

Jeff worked for famous design firms and film trailer production companies. Bob had a small production company. Still they dreamed of making movies. Jeff and Bob and Bob's friend John at ILM made a bet: whoever made the first short film would receive a fabulous meal from the other two. Bob and John lamed. Jeff spent $50,000 on a 35mm independent short feature that rocks:
Magic Hour. Never make bets with Jeff.

Two years later, the stroke of millennium madness was nigh. Bob called Jeff to whine. We never make our own movies whined Bob. YOU never make
YOUR own movies said Jeff. You are right says Bob. We must make more movies more often. Bob hung up the telephone at midnight and fired off an impetuous email, challenging friends to make a 5-minute movie in one month.

Bob's Shorts was born.