Sadly, our beloved and well-used movie screen is taking the Summer off and will return in the Fall. The projector is still going, though..


Mike Silba, winner of the "Beginning Animator's Kit" door prize, tries on his glasses

NO! by Jan Bobek
Jan Bobek / "No!" / 10:31 / Soldotna / 2007
This quirky offering answers the time-honored question "What happens when Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the bass player from the punk group Green Day all show up at the Soldotna Post Office at 5:01 pm?"

CAT FANCY by Jeff Menter
Jeff Menter / "Cat Fancy" / 2:20 / Anchorage / 2007
Cats and the internet- an unrecognized danger of hairball-raising proportions.