ThrowDown Basics
ThrowDowns are challenges- you work independntly but with a fixed number of entrants during a set period of time. Everyone creates their work at the same time. By entering a Throwdown, you’re making a commitment to finishing a short movie in a limited amount of time with a group of other committed whacko nutjobs (like us.. and you?). When you complete your movie, you will then be invited to attend the private screening for that ThrowDown and may (or may not) enjoy discussing your project’s trials and tribulations with your fellow TD veterans. If you DON’T finish, you receive the fabled and dreaded besmirchment from your fellow TD cadre. People will call your name and laugh in derision. All in good fun, of course.

Tips to making it happen:

1) Commit - Don’t think too long about it, take the plunge and sign up;

2) Start, and stay in motion. It’s all about creative problem solving.

3) Finish. Don’t try to make CITIZEN KANE or BLADERUNNER II your 1st time out. Keep to a scale you can accomplish.